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The CIJB is the NGB for many of the ‘handball’ type games in Europe. Many European countries fall under its umbrella and Team GBR and Team England have often competed in their events. Notably in 2010, when England won the European Championships in Spain.  

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World Players of Handball LIVE

WPH Live is the broadcasting service for handball (wallball) in the USA and increasingly around the world. In the past they have sponsored the England Team and the 2014 UK Open. If you want to see Wallball broadcast on ESPN and at the top level, look no further than these guys!

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US Wallball Association

For six years, The United States Wallball Association (USWA) has provided more than 2,000 young athletes from around the New York metropolitan area with an opportunity to realize their full potential with only a ball…a wall…and a dream. The USWA is a not-for-profit national organization that utilizes the sport of Wallball (known to many as “handball”) to motivate and inspire …

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Frontball is a similar sport to Wallball. Whereas Wallball has standardised handball games using a rubber ball, Frontball has done so for the Basque and pelota games where a rock hard ball is used. Our values are closely alligned and both organisations work to bring activity and social engagement to struggling areas and countries. UK Wallball work with Frontball to …

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European Wallball ProTour

The EPT is Wallball circuit around Europe. 6-8 nations host an Open each year, each one inclusive and encouraging with grades for pros right through to beginners. UK Wallball was integral in setting up the tour and we proudly host the UK Open each year.

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The GAA is the national governing body for Irish sports, uncluding Wallball (or handball as it has historically been known). UK Wallball work closely with GAA to bring Wallball to more people. There is a great Wallball heritage in Ireland and plenty of Irishmen and women on UK shores. By working with GAA clubs within the UK, we hope to …

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