1-Wall for the Olympics!

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Over the last weekend of January England Handball was invited to Valencia to discuss the formation of a new worldwide governing body; one dedicated solely to 1-Wall Handball with a view to Olympic inclusion.

Valencia is home to the CIJB, one of the three major handball governing bodies in the world.  The others being the GAA (Ireland) and the World Handball Council.  England is part of the CIJB and we discussed at the length the view of 1-wall handball going forward with the players, the sport and the values of the game close to heart.

A meeting in Ireland at the end of the month will see the formation of the World WallBall Association.

England Handball is proud to be part of the new WWBA and we are thrilled that in the not too distant future our young players could be representing their country in the Olympics.

With a view to the changes happening all over the world in the game of 1-Wall handball, over the coming year we will be rebranding ourselves as the UK WallBall Association.