Got a wall? Got a ball? Great! Then you can play Wallball

It's that easy

Wallball courts can be marked out on any flat-ish wall.  When you’re starting off or you’re in school you definitely don’t need a regulation sized court.  Instead just play with the space you’ve got! The sport is incredibly simple to learn and really fun to play. You may have already played Wallball and know it by it’s other names like Pelota, Patball or 1-Wall Handball. However, with the sport pushing into the Olympics the world now calls this sport….Wallball.

See our GET STARTED page to see how you can get going in under a minute.


The 1-Wall version of Wallball standardises the many hand-to-ball-to-wall sports the exist around the world. It is therefore played everywhere – from New York to Sydney, Argentina to Japan. Our GBR Team is one of the best in the world and our current Men’s Captain, Luke Thomson, is one of the best player in the World.


In fact, if you go to New York you’ll see 2500 of the courts across the city. All free to use every day by every one.  That’s something we’d like to emulate here in the UK – transforming the grey-space into awesome urban playgrounds.


By getting involved in Wallball you’ll set off down pathways that can let you compete, referee, volunteer and more all over the world at the highest level.

Just start hitting that ball against your wall today!