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What We Do

Our Mission Statement:

To lead, promote and govern the whole of British Wallball with expertise and equity, whilst maintaining the game’s core values and ensuring it remains a sport for all, regardless of age, background or skill.

Our Vision:

  • We will create exciting new opportunities for people to start playing and enjoy wallball.

  • We will be accessible to as many people as possible from all communities and all backgrounds.

  • We will develop world class structures and events to enable those with potential to succeed.

  • We will celebrate, support and develop staff and volunteers through all levels of the game.

  • We will champion healthy living.

  • Our image will be recognised and respected by stakeholders.

Our Values:


  • Wallball is an active, exciting game which can be played by both men & women and boys & girls of all ages and from all backgrounds.

  • Wallball is inclusive and welcoming for novice players.

  • Wallball is supportive of players with disabilities.

  • Wallball is simple to play and we will always endeavour to be on hand to help facilitate and advise clubs and schools.

  • Wallball is incredibly beneficial to cardiovascular health, fitness and all round coordination. It builds character and promotes good sportsmanship both on and off the court.

  • Wallball can be a springboard both to serious wallball play and into other sports and activities.

  • The UK Wallball Association is supportive of its players, staff and volunteers.

  • Wallball should be free to play if possible.

The UK Wallball Association Ltd. is a non-profit organisation.

Strategic Plan 2015-2020

(High quality print version available on request)

Strategic Plan