Become a Coach

Become a Coach

Let's get cracking!


Step 1

The first step to becoming a coach in doing an official UK Wallball Activator course.

This course is designed for anyone and everyone, from Young Leaders through to experienced coaches and everything in between.

The Activator can be done online or practically.

What’s more, our e-Activator course is FREE and available to anyone.  You can then follow this up by arranging your practical course if you wish for further hands on experience.

You can do that in one of two ways:

  1. If you’re from a coaching organisation or school you can contact Dan Thackeray, our Development Officer, directly.  He can arrange tailored sessions for you and can explain pricing.
    Please email him by clicking HERE.
  2. If you’re based in London you can come to one of monthly Activator courses. Sign up early to guarantee your spot.
    Just head over to our EVENTS SECTION to sign up.

Advanced Coaching Qualification

Next Level Stuff

Once you’ve been Activated you can consider becoming an Advanced Coach.  At the moment this is a practical immersive course which takes time and commitment. You’ll get to grips with running sessions, planning courses and get to a stage where you can referee international matches. However, we’re looking to move this course online too.

If you’re hoping to use this qualification to work in schools you’ll need a DBS check too.

The advanced course includes:

  • An online learning course followed by practical experience
  • Refereeing at both small and large-scale events
  • 20 hours of court time experience
  • 10 hours of assessed work with both coaching and refereeing
  • Developing your own resources

If you’re interested in this course please contact Dan Thackeray via email HERE.  Remember, you’ll need to have done your Activator already.