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UK Wallball Pathways

  • Activator
    The quickest way to get confident and get going. Want to run fun games at your school or in your community? This is for you.
    Want to learn more about the game and understand some of the principles? This is for you.
    Recognised by UK Wallball and essential for anyone delivering the game.
  • Intro to Wallball Coaching Course
    The UK Wallball recommended course for anyone coaching more formal sessions at school or in the community. This course is required for anyone delivering a session that has been set up by UK Wallball and is essential for all new coaches.
    You’ll learn all the crucial skills necessary to coach, run sessions and work with children, adults and those with disabilities. Courses are practical and classroom and are very interactive. This course will also equip you with the skills necessary to referee at most events in the UK.
  • Advanced Wallball Coaching Course
    The UK Wallball approved course for anyone keen to take wallball coaching to the highest level. It is divided into 2 parts.
    Part 1: 1 full day of classroom & practical sessions to learn the advanced principles of wallball. You’ll learn the most complex rules, coaching plans for advanced players and difficult scenario resolution. You’ll also have the theory to become a top level referee.
    Part 2: 2 days of practical experience and big events. You’ll be running clinics, refereeing big games and taking part in large festivals.
    By the end of this course you’ll be able to run any session and also referee at World Class level events.
  • UKCC Level 1 Wallball & Fives Course
    A generic coaching course perfect for young coaches seeking a nationally recognised qualification. Courses consist of 4 main units: Fundamentals; Planning; Conducting; and Evaluating Coaching Activities. After this course you will have a good foundation to go on to more sport specific qualifications and feel confident in taking your first steps as a coach.
  • UKCC Level 2 Wallball & Fives Course
    A sport specific coaching qualification for Wallball & Fives. This is ideal for professional coaches who are looking to coach in schools that require nationally recognised coaching qualifications. You will learn how to coach Wallball and Fives and you will be draw up your own lesson plans for assessment.

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  • Activator
    The quickest way to get confident and get going. Want to run fun games at your school or in your community? This is for you. This course will let you learn the basics of the game and give you the confidence to start refereeing matches.
  • Wallball Referee Course
    If you want to referee the game seriously and at a high level then this is a requirement. You’ll get classroom and video learning to understand the basics and then the advanced rules of wallball. You’ll learn the top level code of conduct and the approved international rules. You’ll then get hands on practical experience refereeing games from social knocks through to the top level of international play. By the end of this course as an approved referee you’ll be able to referee any European event up to the quarter finals of the pro-grade and any World level event excluding the Pro division. Based on experience and feedback, you will progress over time and may even eventually referee the World Championships final! The greatest honour in wallball refereeing.