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Fives Federation Newsletter 2009

You can read the 2009 Chairman’s (James Toop) report below, and you can download the full newsletter here:

2009 Newsletter

City Fives Association Report

The Future

The recent agreement with Westway and the EFA is central to the CFA’s strategy of allowing inner-city schools and pupils to access Fives, and will allow us to launch our activities on a wider scale. In preparation for the launch, the CFA has been revising the player website, creating teaching and playing materials as well as creating an operational plan to support the implementation of the Westway strategy.

Further Partnerships

The Youth Sports Trust, the body responsible for school sport in the UK, will publish an activity pack called “Your Activity” in the New Year promoting 28 easy-to-access sports for primary schools. 1-Wall Fives is included in this pack, along with Touch Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee and Baseball.


A summer festival was held at the end of August involving 36 players and 106 games. Spoils were shared between Eton and  Rugby Fives players; singles champions were Pete Cohen and Kerry White, the doubles went to Inigo Ackland/Steve Korris and Ashley Lumbard/Helen Toop, and the mixed doubles saw Kerry win with Stuart Kirby.

International Adventure

The England Fives team has had a steep learning curve after initial trips to Spain and Italy last year and the World Championships in 2006. This year, Kerry White played superbly to reach the Irish National Ladies Singles final and Dan Grant was runner-up in the plate. The stage was set for an improved performance in the 1-Wall Federations Cup in Italy in November, and you can read a report on that on page 5. Thanks to Peter Cohen and Richard Price for organising these trips. The team is now planning a trip to the World Championships in Portland, Oregon, in October.

How to Play

If you would like to be in that team, then a regular club night has started at Westway on Tuesdays. It currently has a great mix of Eton and Rugby Fives players, as well as people new to the sport. All are welcome and you should contact Peter Cohen if you want to play.

Get Your School involved

The CFA is now also planning Schools’ 1-Wall Championships in 2009 to select a team for the World Championships. Schools do not need to be current Fives-playing schools and all are eligible so please contact me  if you would like to nominate a school.

James Toop

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