Fresh Faces in New Young Team

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The 8th CIJB World Team Championships are taking place this September in Valencia. From the 1st-6th a squad of seven players will compete in 4 different sports in attempt to gain the overall World Championship Crown.

This will be the 2nd World Championship we have competed in (and you may recall we won the European Championship in 2010 – played on the same fantastic blue courts as this tournament will be played on). This year a few veterans will be joined by the best and brightest of the next generation, getting their first international experience at the top level of the game – including school-leaving superstars Ben Beltrami & Ollie Arnold.

Ben (right) and Ollie (left) won the School's Rugby Fives  Nationals this year. Ben also won the singles. Now they're aiming to rock the wallball world!

Ben (right) and Ollie (left) won the School’s Rugby Fives Nationals this year. Ben also won the singles. Now they’re aiming to rock the wallball world!

They will be joined by top UCL Wallball Coach, Andrew Ibbetson. We hope they will be inspired by the superb athletes from around the world.

Although our main focus is 1-wall, we will also be competing in 2 field games (the International Game & Llargues) and the Spanish historic sport of Raspall. It is customary for the hosting nation to introduce one sport of their own to keep the spirit of the smaller domestic games alive.

The team is as follows:

  • Daniel Grant (Captain)
  • Luke Thomson
  • Luke Stradwick
  • Peter White
  • Ben Beltrami
  • Ollie Arnold
  • Andrew Ibbetson
  • Dick Warner (Manager)

Stay tuned on Twitter for live updates from the tournament – Sep 1-6th.