Wallball debuts at Lincolnshire StreetGames Festival

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Wallball is spreading fast across the UK and today we took part in the StreetGames festival in Lincolnshire. This event was organised by the Positive Futures team and approximately 250 children took part. 

Wallball was situated in the opportunities area and we set up 3 courts against a building wall. The courts proved to be very effective and again this shows how accessible the sport is. The guttering made good court markings and all 3 courts were well occupied throughout the day. 

When not participating in the main football or dance programme, the children ventured out to try different sports. After only a few minutes of playing some of the participants were heard saying: 

“I love this game”

“Wow it’s so much fun!”

The children quickly picked up the game and it was encouraging to see such a high standard of play amongst beginners. Prizes were handed out to the winners of challenges. 

A number of volunteers were introduced to the game and it was great to get the Police Community support Officers on court! 

We would like to thank Positive Futures for inviting us to this fantastic event and we hope to be part of many more in the future. We look forward to seeing Wallball grow in Lincolnshire.