Membership is available to anyone who plays wallball. By becoming a member you’ll do two important things:

  1. Benefit you
    – You’ll get discounted entry into tournaments
    – You’ll get promotional rates on merchandise and equipment
    – You’ll get our newsletters
    – You’ll get a headsup on all events throughout the country from tournaments to festivals, from grand openings to award ceremoni
  2. Helping wallball flourish in the UK
    – We rely on our members and membership subs to help support our programmes throughout the country.
    – Subs can help build walls, fund balls for a school or subsidise tournament entry for someone who can’t afford it.
    – UK Wallball is non-profit, so all funding goes straight back into our projects. Our board members are also all volunteers, so no-one gets paid a salary.
    – Volunteering – some of our members love to volunteer and we’d love you to do it too. We rely on volunteers to help us run our events and bring wallball to more people around the country.

To get membership, simply click through to our shop and purchase it now.