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UK Wallball is a strong and vibrant association thanks to the army of dedicated volunteers and players at club level. Volunteers are the life and soul of every Wallball club, and have a strong sense of pride in their club and of loyalty to their local community, university or school. These values are at the heart of the UK Wallball family and the organisation.


Clubs are the fundamental units of UK Wallball. They are how players engage and connect with the game, and crucially become part of our wonderful community.  Clubs organise their own fixtures and build into a wider calendar of national and international events.


Below is a bank of useful resources for people looking to start their club or develop their existing club into something really special.  We’ve partnered with Sport England to bring you these in depth resources and hope you find this useful. If you feel you need further advice or information about anything then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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