Wallball for Health

Adapt Wallball. Stay Healthy.

From stroke rehab, to pre-habilitation to SEN Schools

Our Director, Daniel Grant, as well as being a Wallball Pro, is also a medical doctor and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur – so you can see why we are so keen on physical activity for health.

We are open to anyone and everyone adapting Wallball in whatever way they see fit.  Over the past few years that’s seen us break down to basics for SEN Schools and for Stroke rehabilitation, and innovate gamified tech to get people active in fun ways.

But of course, at our heart is the simplicity and ease of access that’s seen Wallball boom in recent years. All you need is a Wall and Ball and so you can really can see that the barrier to entry for physical activity is almost non-existant with Wallball.

If you’re interested in our Health work or want to set up your own Wallball for Health Programme or Trial, don’t hesitate to get in touch.