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Handball is a low-cost space efficient sport for all schools

To get things started you can use existing walls in your school and mark out courts in chalk or with masking tape.  After that all you need is a tennis ball or a wallball to play. Later on you can mark out full size regulation courts if you have space.  Wallball is a fantastic break-time game and can also be used as an adjunct activity during multi-sport or down time. It can also be used as a springboard – getting kids hooked on fun activity before moving them on to more complicated sports which require the same skills.  You’ll find that the children start playing it at off their own initiative and if you incorporate art into the design of the wall they’ll take full ownership of it!



A New initiative

Wallball is a new urban sport for schools which aims to increase active participation, decrease chronic health conditions and tackle youth exclusion. It comes directly from New York where it is the number 1 city sport with over 10,000 regular youth players. It is fast, fun, builds character and exercises all parts of the body.


Got a wall? You’re good to go. Seriously, that’s it. But if you want to build regulation walls or mark out courts, we can certainly oblige.  A couple of examples: at Chobham Academy we play against the playground wall – cost = Free. At Merchant Taylors’ School we built 4 indoor full-size walls. Cost was £300 per wall.

Remember our motto: “Any ball, Any wall, Any time”


A Sport for All

Wallball’s low-cost and ease of accessibility makes it a sport for all pupils, regardless of age, gender or background because pupils can play anywhere. The sport is easy to learn, promotes good sportsmanship and is great for interdisciplinary sporting development.  The UK Wallball Association firmly believes that every child deserves access to regular, high quality sporting opportunities at school and our aim is to support schools to do this.  Active children are healthier children and playing Wallball is really fun way to do it!

A Case-Study

Ireland. In the last 3 years alone the GAA have promoted wallball in schools and over 150 of them have built or marked out wallball courts. Thousands of children play and are exposed to a phenomenal global community.

Please do contact us for more information or if you have any questions, or to order one of our ‘WallBall in a Box Kits‘, which will get you and your class involved in minutes.