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Fully Funded Set Up Available

UK Wallball have teamed up with the incredible Jack Petchey Foundation to give you the opportunity to start something amazing. What is UK Wallball? Watch the video above!


Any Wall, Any Ball, Any Time!  All you need is a wall and ball and you can get started. Wallball started its life in the UK way back in 2007 and is now growing faster than ever before. We have one of the best national teams and now play on courts all across the world! In December of 2019, we even took our first ever junior Team GB over to Holland to compete in the U17’s European Championships!


And where did it all start for the junior team? The Jack Petchey Foundation.



The Players play using both their hands, hitting the ball onto the wall using a variety of different shots and techniques hoping to beat their opponent. If they can’t return the shot, that’s your point!


Games can be played 1v1 or 2v2 and can be all boys, all girls or mixed! Games can go first to 11,15,21 or 25. Timed matches are also really fun.


Although the sport is now called Wallball, it also goes by other names you may have heard of including Patball, Handball and 1-Wall.


Working with the Jack Petchey Foundation we’re delighted to bring full set-up packages to your school FREE OF CHARGE.  We have 3 different types of setups ranging from small scale (simple courts, lunch-time clubs, etc.) through to full Hub development, which includes marking or building full size courts and turning your school into one of the UK’s premier Wallball venues.


All we ask in return is some commitment and dedication from your school, your staff and your young people.


If you are interested in taking on this awesome project, then please get in touch and we can get the ball onto your courts!   Please fill in this form as a first port of call.  We can contact you directly after you submit your interest.