Wallball for Stroke Rehabilitation

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Coaches Shareen and Kamran have been doing a fantastic job in East London working with the Stroke Association to introduce wallball into a community rehab programme. These activity sessions are not only imperative for regaining control over coordination and body movements, but are also a wonderful opportunity to bring together people who have suffered strokes to help them support each other through the recovery process.

Daniel Grant, UK Wallball President and Doctor says,

We know how important rehab is for people who have suffered strokes. Regaining control over your body, building strength and building confidence are vital for recovery. I am delighted that we’re piloting wallball as a fun activity to be used in conjunction with other techniques to help patients.

Wallball helps improve global coordination and can help with cardiovascular recovery. Sessions are fun and bring people together. Balls are given away and rehab can continue at other sessions and at home with friends and family.

We need support though. These sessions are unfunded, but to run a proper study and a full 10 week programme we need to raise £500 for the new year. Will you help? 

If you’d like to support the programme, please contact us.