Training Coaches in Stratford

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As part of our long-term project in East London we’ll be training up coaches and volunteers across the area to help us bring Wallball to masses. Today was our first Introduction to Coaching Qualification day. 5 coaches – 2 from West Ham United Foundation and 3 from FRE Flyers enthusiastically stepped on court to learn the ropes of Wallball from scratch.

Led by coaches Daniel Grant, Andy Ibbetson and Darren Doherty, the troop learned the techniques, played a few games both inside and out, and had their first insight into the wonderful world of Wallball. They leave at a stage where they can run fun sessions and can help more experienced coaches deliver more in depth sessions. We thoroughly look forward to working with these great guys and girls going forward.

West Ham United Foundation aims to break down barriers to sports access both for football and for other sports. It’s an amazing programme.

FRE Flyers is a fantastic group made up of young hockey players who want to help the community as well. The FRE stands for Friendship, Respect and Excellence – and those new coaches demonstrated those values today.