Wallball “Favourite Sport” at Newham SportInspired Games

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On one sunny day on the 11th May, 181 pupils (that’s right, 181!!) from 4 local primary schools took part in the SportInspired Newham Games – a truly inspiring event that brought the whole community together. The day saw each player try their hand at 5 different sports with support from top coaches, volunteers and Young Leaders. The venue – only the Olympic Copper Box!

I will remember wallball because I never knew what it was. It is my favourite sport.
Ariya, year 4 pupil Plaistow Primary School

Gareth Price and Darren Doherty flew the flag for UK Wallball and worked tirelessly all day with their brilliant group of helpers to introduce all 181 children to Wallball. With only 20 minutes, it wasn’t easy, but the coaches got every boy and girl doing the basics; running, team-work, communication, hitting balls and plenty of fun!

Working with the kids with disabilities was totally inspiring. One girl was too shy/nervous so her friend took her hand and led her as her team and other teams cheered. Amazing moment!
Gareth Price, UK Wallball Head Coach

The event was phenomenal and one which think can only be matched by an even bigger event in June, where we’ll have 500 kids take part! Can’t wait!

Many thanks to Kat Hodge and the SportInspired team for including Wallball in their programme. We hope to work with this great organisation to help bring healthy activity to more young people. What an absolutely fantastic day!

Some stats for the day:
  • 181 young people inspired…
  • Children rated the day 9.62 out of 10
  • Children rated the volunteers a 9.74 out of 10