Wallball takes off at Streatham & Clapham High School

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Wallball is being introduced to the girls of Streatham & Clapham High School as part of their PE programme. As the result of an introductory meeting at GDST headquarters in London attended by two schools, the Head of PE at Streatham & Clapham High decided it would be a good game for hand-eye coordination and general fitness which the girls would enjoy. The acting Head of PE Maria Merrigan says:

‘We are so grateful to everyone for giving up their own time to come and teach us all. It really was great to learn about a new sport and great to see how much the girls enjoyed it! We are hoping to add it into lunchtime clubs as soon as possible and then maybe into our KINZA enrichment programme from September!’

Dick & Sarah teach the girls all about wallball

Dick & Sarah teach the girls all about wallball

Following an INSET session for the PE staff given by Sarah Greasley and Marianne Rees which was fun and much enjoyed, Sarah together with Dick Warner returned to introduce the game to six different classes and a lunchtime Wallball club.


Some of the girls were initially apprehensive, but they all soon got into it, had fun and achieved some success. This was true of both the natural games players who excel at all sports and those for whom the traditional sports have limited appeal.

Comments from the girls included:

Year 7

Polly: It was really fun: I feel as if I’ve won a million pounds!
Maria: It’s really easy to pick up.
Georgie: It doesn’t matter if you’re bad or good, it’s fun.
Elissa: It’s very simple but creative and fun and good for all ages.

Year 8:

Honey: It’s really fun because we picked up the basics whilst playing a match.
Becky: It’s different from other sports; it’s more professional, just one touch.
Molly: It’s fun and I’d like to play again.

Year 10:

Lucy: Very good: really enjoyed it.
April: It’s unusual and good to do in your spare time.
Milly: It’s fun and easy to pick up.
Ellie: It’s fun and good to play with friends.


At the end of the sessions, their teacher Megan McDonagh said: ‘What a fantastic day! It’s great to see every single girl show 100% effort and enjoyment in her core PE lessons. It’s a true sport for all.’

A big thank you to Paul Bowden for instigating the programme and to  Dick Warner and Sarah Greasley for giving up a whole day and making it so enjoyable for the girls. We all look forward to following their progress.

Let’s hope this may encourage other schools to take up the challenge to let their pupils enjoy this fun sport.