1-Wall wallball is a tremendous sport which is easy to set up and incredibly good fun to play.

A 1-Wall court can be marked out on any flat wall, as per the diagram below. However, if you don’t have space for a regulation court, the size of the court can be adjusted to suit your needs – we recommend you contact us for advice.  Much like in tennis, the ball’s first bounce must land within the court area. It is then hit returned by the opposition against there wall.  There is no line that the ball must be played above, it must simply hit the wall and then land in the court. Both the doubles and singles games are equally popular, with doubles requiring increased reaction speed and singles demanding more fitness.

1-wall is an incredibly accessible and inclusive sport and can be played anywhere, anytime… all you need is a wall and a ball.

As there is no line to hit the ball above, the aim is to hit the nick where the wall meets the floor. This will cause the ball to roll and is the ultimate “kill shot”. It is not easy. More advanced players will volley and put spin on the ball, whilst moving their opponent around court to take control of each point.

Benefits of 1-Wall Wallball

For Everyone
Can be played by anyone, boy or girl, man or woman, of any age, background or ability – everyone can play Wallball competitively almost immediately.

All you need is a ball, a wall and simple floor markings. Walls are unobtrusive and can be used for other sports and functions too.

The game is easy to play, basics are easy to grasp and rules are easy to understand.  Importantly, it is tremendous fun.

Balls cost £1.50, they last ages and that’s it.
Gloves are optional.
Courts are cheap to construct (or free if you already have a wall) and require minimal maintenance.

Great Health & Fitness Benefits
Due to its simplicity and accessibility it is a great way to get people active quickly, reduce childhood obesity and lower levels of cardiovascular disease & diabetes.
Additionally it is fantastic for co-ordination and superb for character building.

Balls are soft, movements are natural and walls are unobtrusive.

Clear UK Wallball Pathway
Right the way from social play through to the top level of international competition.  We can inspire the next generation of players especially with the 2028 Olympics on the horizon.

A Realistic Example
In the last 20 years New York has seen the sport explode and there are now over 2,500 courts all across the city.  It was introduced to get kids active and reduce gang culture.  It has worked.  On fact-finding missions to New York we have been pleased to see both children and adults from completely different cultures and backgrounds playing all day together.  The courts are virtually in constant use.

Olympic Legacy
A perfect fit. Access to sport for young people, easy to instigate and potentially free for players, especially those from more deprived backgrounds.

Get going today

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