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  • School Development

    We'll help you get wallball set up in your school, supply coaches and provide lesson plans

  • Coaching

    We have Level 1 and Level 2 coaches to either run sessions or teach you how to do it! (and get the Level 1 qualification)

  • Community Courts

    Our aim is to instigate freely accessible outdoor courts so that everyone has free access to wallball

  • Balls & Gloves

    We can provide balls & gloves at very affordable rates

  • Court Construction

    We'll help your community or your school either build new courts from scratch or mark them out on existing walls

About Us


The UK Wallball Association is the National Governing Body for Wallball – an accessible, inclusive and highly affordable inner-city activity. It is the perfect break-time game for schools and fantastic as a springboard sport.

We work with partners to grow the sport in the UK and give people from all backgrounds access to fun and rewarding physical activity. In addition, we provide launch resources, coaching qualifications and administrate highly successful development programmes in schools and the community.

We love innovation and find new ways to bring Wallball to people of all abilities. We embrace partnerships, we love integrating with the arts and we strive to get as many people as active as possible in a way which is fun and rewarding.

From the street to the Olympics; the GBR team is one of the best in the world and anyone starting with a wall and a ball today has a clear path to international success tomorrow! You just need to get hitting!