About Us

Any Wall - Any Ball - Any Time


Wallball is the perfect sport to address the challenges young people face living in urban and isolated areas.  Wallball is a new urban sport which is appealing, accessible and affordable: it costs almost nothing to play, courts can be built anywhere and we know it has appeal given its success in New York, where it is the largest street sport with over 2,500 courts across the city.


UK Wallball is a non-profit organisation (and currently under application for charitable status). It is the governing body for the sport in the UK.  Our mission is to enable all young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to become regularly active in sport no matter where they live.  


Wallball is built on one of our oldest, universal sporting traditions – hitting a ball against a wall,  but Wallball turns it into a modern, fast-paced sport.  The regulation version of the sport is played all over the world, however Wallball can also be played anywhere – all you need is a wall and a ball. It can be played competitively but also informally at break times making the sport versatile and flexible.


Thanks to funding from Jack Petchey Foundation, we now have proof of concept and want to grow the sport to reach more schools and cities in the UK.  We have nearly 100 courts in 35 schools and 35 community settings, including our flagship outdoor community court at Bankside in London, and our striking Urban Sport playground in Canada Water.  Over the past few years we’ve worked with over 10 thousand young people. 

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