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What is Wallball?

Everything you need to know about one of the fastest and most accessible sports in the UK.

How Do I Start?

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What is Wallball?

Awesome, that's what!

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Why Play Wallball

6 Awesome Reasons

For Everyone

Can be played by anyone, boy or girl, man or woman, of any age, background or ability – everyone can play Wallball competitively almost immediately.


All you need is a ball, a wall and simple floor markings. Walls are unobtrusive and can be used for other sports and functions too.

Simple & Cheap

Got your ball? Got a wall? Then you can play. Cheaper than any other sport and we bet you've already got facilities on your own site!


Wallball is designed for inner-cities where there's lots of grey space but not much green space. Take down those ``No Ball Games`` signs and get playing today!

For Health

Not only is Wallball a simple and safe way to get physically active, but you can also adapt the game for various conditions - see our great work in Stroke Rehab

Street to Elite

That's right. You can play against your wall at home or school and it could set you off on a realistic path to play for Team GB. Not many other sports offer that!

Court Highlights

The coolest walls we know

Surrey Quays Shopping Centre

Made in partnership with LLDC and UCL, this court is designed BY the community FOR the community. All those balls on the wall you can see have been created by kids at the school. Awesome.

Leake Street

The Ultimate street art venue in London. Tons of awesome walls to hit your balls against, and you can even spray your own court. We love this place and think everyone should check it out!


Home to UK Wallball. Everyone Active's Westway Centre was where it all started. Now there's 7 indoor courts and 2 outdoor courts. The UK Open is currently held here every year and hosts some of the best players from around the world.

Lego Wall

We always talk about building your own wall. Well, the Lego Wall is frickin awesome. Great for schools and pop-up venues - we LOVE this innovation.

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