Find a Club/Court

Most of our clubs are based in London at the moment but we’re growing fast especially out into Birmingham, Manchester, Wales, Essex and Cumbria. If you and your friends are keen but don’t have a club near you we can help you start one.  See our Club Development Page.


Check out the map to see where your nearest club or court is. Urban courts are reported to us and placed on the map. Many are not regulation courts, but just great outdoor free places to play.


If you’ve found or made a new court – let us know by filling in this form and we can add it to our map.


If the contact details are not on the map below please contact us directly and we’ll put you in touch with the club secretary.

We’ve partnered with Play Innovation to combine Street Snooker with Wallball so whenever you see a Street Snooker court, you can play Wallball on it too!