Get Started

Get Going in 30 Seconds

It's that easy

You found a court?


Don't have a court yet?

Well, have one in 30 seconds!

Got a Ball?  Got a Wall?  Let’s GO!


  • Mark a rectangle on the wall – you can use chalk/paint/tape/features on the wall…whatever you like.


  • Mark a rectangle on the floor.


  • Don’t worry about making a full size court – you can play on one of those later. For now let’s get you going at home or at school or against the wall that says “No Ball Games” 😉


  • Now find a friend(s)


  • Okay, so off you go. Hit the ball to the wall so it hits it without bouncing and then rebounds and bounce somewhere in the court on the floor.


  • Your opponent (or opponents in doubles) has to hit the ball back.


  • It has to hit the rectangle on the wall and then land in.


  • Keep going!


  • Until someone misses, the ball bounces twice or you knock it out of bounds.


  • Keep going. Every point counts. When you win a point you keep serving.


  • For more info head over to our YouTube for more instructional videos.