Charity & Outreach

At its roots Wallball is a sport born on the streets of Ireland and New York. It is an incredibly accessible sport that is open and inclusive to all people, regardless of age, gender, background or race.  In the UK the main focus of UK Wallball will be to build the sport in communities and, in line with the Olympic Legacy, help to bring readily accessible and economically viable sport to inner-city populations.

At UK Wallball we’re dedicated to bringing the sports to those that want it and the communities which could benefit from it. We work with several charities, institutions and organisations (see below).  We’ll help to build new courts, run community outreach projects and help young people achieve the potential either on the court playing, or off the court in another role.

We’re also always on the lookout for sponsors who want to give something back to their local community – sponsoring walls, equipment or community sessions. At UK Wallball we’re non-profit, so any money we raise goes straight into our projects.

Please contact us today so see how you can get involved, either as a volunteer or sponsor.