1-Wall Makes Big Impression at the Oval StreetGames Dinner

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On the 24th May several members of the England Team demonstrated 1-Wall to over 300 guests at the StreetGames ‘Not the Black Tie Dinner’.  Over the course of the night at least one guest from each table went head-to-head with one of the England Team to see how many points they could score in a quick first to 5 match.

One of the guests even included England cricketing and TalkSport legend, Darren Gough (who was surprisingly good!) and MP David Burrowes.

StreetGames is a sports charity that changes lives and communities by supporting a network of projects which give sports and volunteering opportunities to young people in disadvantaged communities across the UK.  1-Wall Handball/Wallball is perfect for these communities and we were pleased to finally have the chance to join forces with this great charity.  It is hoped that 1-Wall will run a few pilot projects with StreetGames over the next year and then eventually become a full partner sport, which will ultimately lead to more people being able to play 1-wall and gain access to sport – and all its benefits, in general.

We’re pleased to say the 1-Wall went down a treat that night. The feedback was excellent and we look forward to more excellent events with StreetGames.