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Here is a list of current coaching opportunities. We will try to keep it up to date. If you are interested in a job or event please contact us. Please quote the job you are interested in.

In order to coach wallball through via recommendation from us or through us directly you must:

  • Be trained by UK Wallball to deliver wallball
  • Have a valid DBS certificate
  • Have signed our coaching code of contact (can be downloaded here)

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Regular Coaching Opportunities


One off Events



Your School/Club

We have some ring-fenced funding to help you set up your own club at your own school or club. If you’re interested in this possibility please get in touch and outline your plan. You must be able to engage at least 10 people per session. We will look favourably on club formation or school start-up with a view to joining us in our inter-school or inter-club competitions.

Carpenters Primary School

Location: Friendship Way, Stratford, E15 2JQ
Job: 1-2 PE lessons per week + potential for after school club
Hours: 1-2 hours per week, with scope for more.
Pay: £15-20 p/h dependent on experience

Chobham Academy

Location: Cheering Lane, Stratford, E20 1BD
Job: Primary school PE lessons
Hours: 2-4 per week (2 hours per day, consisting of 3 x 40min lessons)
Pay: £15-20 p/h dependent on experience

School 21

Location: Pitchford St, Stratford, E15 4RZ
Job: Lunch-time Primary Session
Hours: 1 per week at lunchtime – runs during term times
Pay: £15-20 p/h dependent on experience

Carpenters Cage Summer Club

Location: Warton Road, Stratford, E15 2JU
Job: Running sessions for after-school and local community twice per week and/or at weekend. Requires some initiative because there is a need to engage the local community as well.
Hours: 2 hours during the week after school (4-5pm) and/or 2 hours at the weekend (you decide).
Pay: £20 p/h + bonus if club is successful.


Tue-Wed 11-12th April
Motivate East Paralympic Event 

Location: Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Bucks
Job: 2 x full days working with children and adults with disabilities.
Hours: Full day for 2 days
Pay: Accommodation, expenses and food covered.