Fives Federation Newsletter Feb 2014


You can read the Feb 2014 President’s (Daniel Grant) report below, and you can download the full newsletter here:

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UK Wallball President’s Report

The second half of 2013 has been host to a wealth of developments both on and off the Wallball courts.

In October six players accepted roles on the new UK Wallball board. Luke Stradwick, Luke Thomson, Alexandra Steel, Daniel Tristao, Gareth Price and Dick Warner have come together to help support and plan for the future of this fast growing sport. All members give their time freely and I’m incredibly pleased and proud to have them by my side.

We’re getting a lot of attention from big decision makers after producing a promotional video. We’re on the radar of several schools, investors and, most importantly, the Department of Media, Culture and Sport. Over the next year we’ll collect data from our current venues and hopefully be able to pitch for serious funding. We’ll expand our focus on schools to incorporate primary schools and we’ll introduce a volunteering scheme at Kentish Town, UCL Academy and the Westway Centre. The kickstart for all of this comes in February at the UK Open when we’ll be hosting many of the officials – hopefully we’ll leave them inspired and excited about Wallball.

By the time this goes to print the UK Open will be over, and it’s looking huge this year. We’ve already got more players than last year – a sign of how fast things are expanding. We hope everyone playing, from the u10s through to the world pros, will have a tremendous time. Read the report here.

As you’ll see elsewhere in this newsletter, Wallball is making big inroads on the path to the Olympics. I hope that, as the sport continues to grow, more Fives players will come and try it out. I’d encourage you to visit our website, follow @ukwallball on Twitter, join our Facebook page and watch videos at YouTube/UKWallball. It’s a busy and exciting year, but the future looks bright for UK Wallball.

Daniel Grant